#1 Cute Plush Toys

Posted February 14th, 2008 by Peter · 6 Comments

plush When was the last time you saw this? Asian people are constantly looking for plush toys to give to their friends or to collect for themselves (No matter how much they hate to admit it). These little fluffy animals, highly overpriced but ever so cute, are at the center of every relationship. This is due to the obvious asian affinity for Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty and Batz Maru.

Asians love Sanrio, because it is in fact an asian product. The animals Sanrio uses are also very highly respected animals in Asian culture. How, you ask? Asian see frogs as symbols of good luck and prosperity. Cats are said to be keepers of the house, and are highly revered in Asian households for their ability to eat insects and rodents. The penguin is a symbol of coolness, and with sun-glasses, who wouldn’t say that Batz Maru is the coolest penguin in the world? Pekkle is a duck, which is seen as an endless source of food for many asian countries. Sanrio has definitely thought out its choice of animals very well. They have a franchise that no longer only appeals to females, but to a very wide male demographic. As one male commenter said, “my pekkle pencil box was like a secret mystery box” back in the 3rd grade. Apparently, your writers are not the only ones to agree that girls are the only people that can enjoy Sanrio products. Click Here to find out why.

One thing’s for sure, who wouldn’t want to receive one? Do not be surprised to see a teenage boy walking through the nearest Sanrio shop, scouring the shelves for a pack of trading cards. The truth is that deep down inside, he would rather have that Keroppi or Batz Maru pencil box than the newest pack of Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon cards. It’s the truth.

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