#8 Karaoke

Posted February 19th, 2008 by themachine · 11 Comments

When they are not playing Counter-Strike, studying, or studying, Asians like to wind down and take off some stress with some good old fashion karaoke. Karaoke is popular in the Asian community for one reason: it’s a great way to enhance the Asian flush (a term used to describe an Asian’s generally low tolerance for alcohol.) In combination with cheap alcohol, cheesy pop songs, off key singing, and uncontrollable pelvic thrusts, karaoke becomes an extremely fun event for the Asian singer(s) and the surrounding listeners. The singer(s) have the opportunity to unleash their inner Rain while simultaneously busting out moves that James Brown (R.I.P.) would be jealous of. The listeners get to enjoy the painful yet “entertaining” comedy that ensues. This social phenomenon has been studied by Harvard psychologists and has been labeled as the William Hung Effect. An excerpt of the study results is listed below:

“Through the random sampling of individuals that were confirmed to be of Asian descent through extensive blood and DNA testing, a comparative experiment concluded that the amalgam of an Asian’s low level of alcohol tolerance, bargained liquor, and a karaoke machine is the epitome of fun in the Asian culture.” - Harvard University’s “The William Hung Effect”

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