#11 Eagle & Tiger Balm

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That Guy // Feb 20, 2008 at 1:41 pm:
oh yeah, and at least one bottle of that chinese eagle oil stuff that smells like Ben Gay.

Eagle BalmEagle and Tiger balm. I said eagle and Tiger balm. What is this magical substance that is the asian equivalent to Icy Hot or Ben Gay? According to the Eagle Balm Home Page:

“The Chinese Emperors’ physicians may have discovered the Eagle Balm formulation in China a long time ago. However, the formulation that is known in the world today as Eagle Balm is due to the work of one man, a Chinese herbalist named Aw Chu Kin who lived in Rangoon. Aw studied the different types of effective remedy to best treat his patients. In the process, he discovered that the blending of various active ingredients, such as camphor, clove and menthol, was effective in relieving pain.”

What is so special about eagle balm? Is it actually a one-for-all cure for every ailment? If you have never been to an asian household, you will never know the true power of Eagle Balm:

“I think I have a cold…” “Get the Eagle Balm”
“I think I have a fever…” “Get the Eagle Balm!”
“I don’t want to go to school tomorrow…” “Didn’t I tell you to get the Eagle Balm!?!?”Credit: http://www.allthatsphysical.com/uploadFiles/images/tiger_balmsm.jpg

Asian people know the true power of eagle balm. They inherited the secret from their parents, who in turn learned it from their parents. This has been going on for hundreds of years. It is a family tradition. The truth behind the strength of Eagle Balm is the placebo effect. For example, people given non-alcoholic beer will still act like idiots at the end of the day even though they are not intoxicated. “If it burns, it works,” and “No pain, no gain” are some American idioms that come to mind when referring to Eagle Balm. If asians believe that they are being healed by an ointment, they in fact are. It’s the truth. Remember the next time you have an ailment to buy yourself box of Eagle Balm. Click Here to learn more about Tiger Balm.

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