#17 Asian Supermarkets

Posted February 26th, 2008 by Dr. Chan · 12 Comments

As we have heard before, Asians love bargains, and will do anything to get cheap stuff. Hence, the necessity for Asian Supermarkets. Why buy a pound of tomatoes at Albertsons for $2.49 when you can get the same fresh tomatoes at 99 Ranch Supermarket for about buck? On top of low prices, Asian Supermarkets are the only places where you can find Instant Noodles (non asian ones), either extra spicy in a bowl, or a bag. You can also buy it in bulk.

Asian supermarkets are the go to place for everything we need to prepare meals. Because face it, Asians don’t always eat white food. We can’t have Hamburgers everyday, Think of the consequences! That is also why most asians aren’t part of the obese or overweight population. And yes, asians technically do have rice everyday. Sometimes we have noodles that are rice based. Sometimes we have spring rolls made of rice paper. So next time when someone says “Haha, Asians eat rice everyday” Go ahead and nod. Asians are proud of it. But don’t be fooled: Asians still enjoy an occasional shopping spree through American supermarkets. Where else can asians use coupons? (again with being thrifty) Asians have to have their hot pockets.


Asian supermarkets are also known to carry many other items that aren’t available in an American Supermarket, such as a bag of 500 disposable chopsticks, 25 lb. bag of rice, Hoisin Sauce, Fresh Udon, Durian, Canned Lychees and Logans, Frozen Jackfruit, Spring Roll Paper, Chinese Sausage, Authentic Frozen Dumplings, Canned Coconut Milk, and the list goes on! Not to mention traditional Asian produce, in the produce section. Because face the facts, Who else eats Bok Choy? Pork Loins? Raw Fish? Dried Squid? Egg Plants? Dragonfruit? Balut? Only Asians do. Shittake Mushrooms? Yeah, asians eat those too. And where else can asians buy that kind of stuff at a cheap and reasonable price? Stater Brothers? Ha! Have fun trying to find it next to all the T.V. Dinners and frozen pizza. Here are some sample ads from 99 Ranch, one of the leading chains in the Asian Supermarket industry. http://www.99ranch.com/NewsAdsSoCal.asp

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