#14 Honda Civic

Posted February 24th, 2008 by Peter · 5 Comments

Honda Civic (Old)“The Civic is Honda’s compact car, offered in sedan, coupe, and hatchback versions. First introduced as a small, inexpensive hatchback in 1972, the Civic has increased in size while continuing to offer excellent fuel economy. The 7th generation Civic arrived as a 2001 model and the Civic Si returned for 2002. The Civic Hybrid was added as a 2003 model and features gas-electric hybrid technology. The Civic is extremely loved by car enthusiasts — especially the Asian crowd for its ability to be modified, which is fully supported by Honda.” - Honda Civic Review

Right from the mouth of the Honda Corporation and its reviewers is something everyone already knows: The Honda Civic is an asian car. Why is it an asian car? “the ability to be modified, which is fully supported by Honda.” Asians love to stick out in a crowd of people. It is a hormonal deficiency lacking because of the uncanny resemblance every asian person has to the next closest asian person to them (unless that other asian person is in fact an Indian). That’s beside the point. Asians like to stick out. A recent post about pimped out cars caused many people to whistle and hoot about how it is so true. Asians know that the Civic is a modder’s dream car.

Honda CivicIt is aerodynamic. It’s quick. It’s nimble. It’s swift like a butterfly, stings like a Chinese wasp. Click Here if you don’t believe me. Among other things, there is an incredible amount of luxury items that come standard in the Civic. (Remember: Asians love bargains) That is why the Civic, along with the Wii, are so attractive. The Civic not only looks good, but the price fits very well to a wide variety of asians from all woks of life. The Civic enables asians to be able to purchase a very nice looking vehicle to show off their neon shoe lighters and maxed out audio system. It is also an all-in-one package much like the Wii and Eagle Balm. The Civic has become popular to asians for many reasons. The exposure it has had from television shows and advertisements stating its economical gas use and fuel economy is also a huge factor. Who doesn’t have an asian friend with a Honda Civic?



“Take this pimped-out Civic in the famous auto show Pimp My Ride. Radical changes were made to make the asian owner happier.” Any car featured on Pimp My Ride is good enough for asians. “One of the features of pimped out cars are the wheels, tires and rims that go on the car.” This is so asians can make up for their obvious lack of natural appendages (arms and legs). “Big, excessive custom wheels with rims are part of pimped out cars.” Asians mod their cars so they can decorate something. Asians love to decorate things. When they are trying to appear masculine, the word becomes “mod.” Asians have reasons for everything. Pimping out Civics is so clearly evident that this post probably shouldn’t have been written. Here’s the verdict: Asians love the Honda Civic.

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