#13 Pimped Out Cars

Posted February 23rd, 2008 by themachine · 4 Comments

Forget the over-sized American SUVs and the stylish European cars, Asians want automobiles that can display their personalities, allow for artistic expression, and most importantly, go fast. American and European cars do not offer this combination in a package as complete as Asian car manufacturers do. Toyota, Honda, and etc. have developed incredible cars that are affordable and effective. But Asians do not settle just for convenience and comfort, they must take it to the next level by upgrading and tweaking their babies.

Their efforts result in beautiful creations often referred to as Rice Rockets. With such colorful and descriptive nicknames, it’s only right that these cars attract all the eyes that see them pass by. Not to mention that they can dominate in any street race. For the haters who want proof, take a look at the Fast and Furious series. Movie critics have always lauded the series as the most realistic and accurate depiction of the underground culture of street car racing. The Asian drivers in these films always dominate the competition. Who says Asians can’t drive? This small group of Asians make the community proud by proving the noobs wrong. Stuff Asian People Like salutes all Rice Rocketers in the world who break stereotypes everyday with their dope, tricked out rides.

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