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Asians like to grow things in their back yards. Sometimes legal, sometimes illegal. But, before they can do that, Asians have to find the perfect spot. A two to four room house with a massive front and/or back yard. There is logic in it. Why waste time gas, and money driving to the grocery store for some lemons for lemonade, when indeed you can plant a tree yourself, and harvest the fruit of your labor? Mmmm… Sweet Lemons of victory and guess what? They are free! It is always a proud day when an Asian can bring something up at the dinner table like “Mmmmmm do you like those tomatoes?” And expect a response like, “Oh yeah they are just scrumptious” (maybe in a different tongue) And they would gladly be ready to say, “Well, guess what? I grew em myself!”

Other than that, whether Asians are from China, or the Philippines (for our non-oriental friends, don’t be so hostile) asians like to grow exotic tropical fruits and plants, or herbs which would be rather expensive at any other supermarket.

For example: Papayas, Dragon Fruit, Persimmons, squashes, logans, lychees, jujubees, and anything of that sort. And yes, asians would rather grow their own oranges, instead of buying them from some hispanic on the side of a road.

The yard of an asian home is also where you can find some special herbs, or ailments. Such as some mints, parsley, lemon grass, shiso, peppers, and aloe! They are essential to the asian die

t, (or just cool to look at). Many Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese dishes use these herbs as garnishes or to add more flavor. Some of the herbs are also used in medicine, ie. Aloe, (for the common rash.) Yes, asians are green-thumbed grass eaters. And that is why: Asians love to grow stuff in their yards.

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