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Posted February 24th, 2008 by Peter · 9 Comments

This post is being written while your two eloquent (lol) authors are standing in line in front of a local Target. It’s 5:30 AM, and there is a slight chance that we might not even be able to purchase a Wii. Sitting here is pretty boring, but it does give us some time to ponder the wonderful advances in technology that have been achieved by Asians. Among those, the brilliantly compact and simply designed Nintendo Wii.

NOTE: For those we met at Target buying the Wii, please be patient, as the video will probably be up by Monday or Tuesday. I personally thank you for helping with the production of, “How to Get a Wii”

Nintendo WiiWhat makes the Wii so appealing? Simple. It is the epitome of Asian ingenuity and form, combining both aesthetic and functionality. (excuse me for sounding like commercial). The Wii is how asians envision the future will be like. Things will be controlled wirelessly by motion sensors and motion tracking. The asian designers of the Wii are paving the road for tomorrow, where contact lenses will have computer displays built in and Apple Computers will become as thin as a piece of paper. The Wii has also allowed old people to play sports that they would never imagine being able to play at their advanced stage in life. Asian adults now actively participate in Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, and other Wii Sports games. They are also rejuvenated by the sudden splurge of testosterone that eliminates need for Viagra. The Wii is not only a gaming console, it is a source of eternal youth.


The Wii is arguably the most popular game console of all time (discounting the Nintendo DS). By game console, I am referring to home console platforms. Asians love the Wii. Why would people line up at 5:30 to buy one? It is popular not only among the the younger asians, but even the decrepit 60 year olds. You have two wireless controllers. Throw in a sensor bar and motion tracking system, and you have yourself a Wii. There is something so attractive about the Wii. The way it looks. The way the slot loading dvd drive goes in and out. The way the Wii sounds at you when you turn it on. There are also the little things that make life so fun. Let’s not forget the Amazing graphics and game choice. Not to be forgotten: Super Smash Brothers Brawl! makes its debut very soon.

BrawlAsians make funny Miis of themselves to show their friends. They play mini-games with their friends and family on the Wii. They use the Wii to browse the internet and even watch Youtube. They do aerobics with the Wii (Wii Fit). They sleep with the Wii. They eat with the Wii controller. Parents spank their kids with the Wii controller while playing Wii Tennis if their kids beat them. The Wii is every Asian’s dream due to the multiple tasks that it can accomplish for such a low price. This plays upon the fact that Asians are very thrifty and need to buy things that will benefit them now and in the long run. The Wii has definitely come to play. Those are a few reasons that: Asians love the Wii. Apparently, old people do too…

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