#10 Boba

Posted February 20th, 2008 by Peter · 13 Comments

Imagine going to a strange “tea” shop with your friends. You ask for a glass of “milk tea.” You proceed to sit down. Holding the glass of milk tea up to your mouth, you start to drink the strange and asian substance until all of a sudden, a group of twenty-two black rubbery spheres rush into your mouth!!! You chew the substance and grow fond of it. This is what would happen to a non-asian person upon discovering boba.

It’s very simple. All Asians love boba! It has risen out of the depths of obscurity and made its way to now rival even the evil power of Starbucks. It also comes in a variety of flavors and is included in a myriad of drinks. Whether it be from Lollicup, Tastea, What a Boba… It still has the same chewy and nougaty goodness. It’s placed at the bottom of the cup. You drink it with a novelty large straw. What else could you want? However, many people have a gripe with boba:

1) Choking Hazard: What isn’t a choking hazard nowadays? That key you are typing on could potentially pop out, make its way down your throat and choke you. Must starbucks cups actually have a disclaimer to proclaim their “hotness?” I don’t like how people are trying to exploit every type of business in order to win a couple of extra bucks.

2) It’s only for Kids: Are video game consoles only for children? Are flag football, volleyball, and basketball leagues only for kids? People who say things are for children need to grow up. Think about it.

3) It Tastes Weird: Asians eat dog, deer, frogs, oysters, and other exotic animals. How can someone say that boba tastes weird? If you think boba is weird, you are weird. Try one of the million exotic dishes from asian countries before saying this.

Boba is a phenomenon. Like manga and anime, it has made its way across the Atlantic and into shopping malls all around the United States. Asians all know that boba is an aphrodisiac, re-energizing asians after a hard day of work, or after a hard fought game of basketball. Asians also know that they are never lost when there is a boba shop around. Along with offering the same assortment of delectable drinks everwhere, wi-fi, board games, and entertainment, Boba shops also represent familiarity. If you don’t know where to go, you know now. For a list of the best boba shops, click here.

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