#25 Staring at People

Posted March 5th, 2008 by Peter · 13 Comments

“I get a lot of stare from Asians. I get it everyday. I used to feel very uncomfortable about it. Now I’m kinda used to it but wtf Why? Do you stare at other Asians? or be stared?” - UglyMan


All people stare, but Asians stare... for a long, long time. Oftentimes, the stare lasts longer than the 1-2 second courtesy glance. Staring is human nature one may argue just as people like to scan their eyes across the horizon for whatever peaks interest. A guy can stare to check out a hot girl. A girl can stare to dog another girl. People stare to make fun of others with abnormal features or attitudes. However, the Asian Stare tends to break the American social norm because the Asian Stare is very distinct.

Perhaps what makes it distinct is the length, facial expression, and other things that are difficult to describe in words. The Stare is one of those things you need to experience for yourself to know. It makes a self-conscious victim feel weak, demoralized, and provokes the ever-so-common self-questioning: Why?! Is there something on my face? Do I look weird? This is a normal defense mechanism in Asia, where people are used to staring and being stared at. However, this can be quite intimidating to receive the first time.

If you haven’t been aware of the Asian Stare, then you should take a field trip to Stare Central (aka China Town), Japanese Town, Korea Town, Little Saigon, or pandamany others. If you go to China or any other Asian country and you are White, Black, Hispanic, or non-Asian in general, then you will be treated like a panda. A panda? Yes, a panda. Pandas are a very cute and cuddly. They need attention. However, they are also tourist attractions which are in turn exploited to the greatest extent. Have you ever noticed why Asian Restaurants have such large glass windows? This is so that passersby’s can see if there is a non-asian person in the restaurant. Besides allowing people to choose their food without actually knowing an asian language, they are also there so that Asians can utilize the Asian Stare without actually being in the same building as a foreigner. For this reason, Asians possess the same powers as Super Man because they can use their eyes as evil weapons even through walls!

tallnessBecause extreme xenophobia exists in asians everywhere, Asians use the stare to warn their young about strangers before they may approach them. For example, you will never find a 6′4″ person in Vietnam unless it is a tourist or inhabitant with a pituitary gland disorder. Asians are naturally afraid of these giants, but still feel the need to stare from a very far distance. The asian stare not only works to invoke fear, it is also used to protect asians. This leaves a few questions to be answered:

What is a stare? How long should you have eye-contact? Are you scared now? These questions can be answered by taking a stroll to your nearest asian themed town or county. Whether it be China, Korea, Philippine, or Vietnam Town, one thing will be held constant: The Asian Stare.

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